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Hungarian Demographic Research Institute (HDRI), Budapest

The Hungarian Demographic Research Institute (HDRI) was founded in 1963 by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in consent with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Institute is the national centre of basic and applied demographic research and puts a great emphasis on the social context of demographic processes.

The Institute

  • collects data and analyses population development, fertility, nuptiality, mortality and migration in co-operation with the relevant departments of the Central Statistical Office;
  • analyses poverty trends, age stratification, and the related changes in demographic behaviour;
  • regularly carries out long term population model calculations and projections;
  • is involved in analysing opinion polls on values and perceptions with regard to population and family issues;
  • analyses the interrelationship between social end demographic processes with a special focus on labour market, families and households;
  • analyses population, family and migration policy and supports its reformulation by carrying out background research;
  • analyses migration flows in social, cultural and economic context and interaction between migrant and non-migrant population.

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